Code for Arab and sports channels Redline type

country Turkey
الاسم English Code redline
Marka Redline
Password Time 6 - 12 mo

Subscription to encrypted Arabic and sports channels Red Line Package

It works via the Internet on all Red Line devices and screens

All Arab channels contain Nilesat and Arabsat 

It also contains all encrypted sports channels, movies and series

Subscription works via Red Line devices or screens exclusively

Very high quality and long subscription period guarantee

There are six-month or one-year subscriptions, and it is not possible to try before subscribing

The quality of the channels is excellent in all packages, and the subscription price varies according to the number of channels


Available packages and prices:

Red Line code Gold subscription 

Red Line Gold subscription for six months, 3600 channels, 40 dollars every six months

Red Line Gold subscription for a year, 3600 channels, 75 dollars annually

Red Line code Silver subscription

Red Line Silver Subscription for six months, 1200 channels, $ 35 every six months

Red Line Silver subscription for a year 1200 channels 60 dollars annually

Red Line Code Bronze subscription

Red Line Bronze Subscription for six months 700 channels $ 25 every six months (no encrypted sports channels)

Red Line Bronze subscription for a year 700 channels $ 45 annually (no encrypted sports channels)

All subscriptions are of high quality and guaranteed and can work in all countries of the world



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