Samsung S9 5D Screen Protector Full Curved Screen Protector

Samsung S9 5D Screen Protector Full Curved Screen Protector

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* The product is extremely minimal in slim design and also in the body of the tempered screen protector.

* You will provide absolute protection to your phone from the moment you plug the product into your phone.

* Curved structure body does not get up only to the special phone screen can stick to the structure.

* The product provides 100% protection against scratches and absolute damage.

* Product water-repellent nano-component structure.

* Thanks to the product's thin structure does not thicken your phone screen.

* In other ordinary cheap imitation screen savers, such as self-touch keystrokes are not possible to act as the case is never mentioned.

* Screen touch sensitivity is exactly the same as your phone screen.

* Never sharpens the clarity of your phone's screen.

* If you want to provide absolute protection against breaks of your phone, you can get this product from our store with excellent features.