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What is IP Switchboard
is a new generation IP based IP network system that requires continuous maintenance, cost-saving and highly advanced features that work with VoIP technology over internet connection by removing the telephone line requirement working with copper cable technology 30 years ago. can be used as a Power Plant or ShamCom servers as a Cloud Power Plant, and can be installed in your own locality by local installation.
With the Cloud Switchboard, you can get rid of the physical and limited analog line infrastructures and scale your internal and external line infrastructures infinitely according to your needs without needing additional license with the new generation communication technology, VoIP system. You can receive and make unlimited number of simultaneous calls with a single number.
Watch and Work With Your KobiPBX
Incoming Call Features
Call Distribution (Advanced queuing structure)
• Live Monitoring and Management of calls,
• Call Forwarding,
• Retrieving the caller (transferring the representative to the last contact point),
• Caller Prioritization,
• Call Record,
• Advanced Reporting,
• In-team instant messaging,
• Advanced Voice Recognition and Management (IVR),
• Easy and Powerful Customization,
• Receiving payment via Virtual POS with phone,
• Satisfaction Surveys,
• Seamless CRM Integrations,
• Real Time Tracking,
• First Class Customer Service.