VOIP Phone line 0850

Type VOIP Phone line 0850
CAMPAIGN PACKAGE All packages and services
Voip phone lines start at 0850
Free font and device .....
Lines operate via the Internet
International .. Local .. Qatar ... Mobile
Works by charging the balance
Their prices are cheap compared to regular lines
International calls range from 15 piasters
To 75 piasters per minute by country
For owners of companies and laboratories
You can install a PBX for a switch
Within and outside the branches of the company
It can be installed and operated anywhere you have a mobile device
It works exclusively by direct cable
It consists of a voip device and is connected to a regular phone and then works
Does not need anything else
Duration of the contract is two years
The subscriber is required to pay a balance of 1000 pounds for the first time
And is not obliged to pay a monthly or a period of the package
The subscriber receives his own system to manage the line and calls
Shop owners and supermarkets can install it in the shop and rent it for international calls
And very wonderful imports
Good ratios for sellers
For more information please contact the numbers